Upupayāma – “Más”

The first album from Upupayāma came seemingly out of nowhere, an enigma from the Italian mountains that explored fantasy worlds dripped in psychedelics, looking to the works of Magma and Gong for inspiration. Since then the band’s Alessio Ferrari has let himself wander further into the wild cosmos of German Progressives, French soundtrack psych, and Middle Eastern raw ‘70s rock. The first single from his upcoming album, The Golden Pond, arrives with its jaws locked tightly onto that German Progressive element, pulsing with a rhythmic drive that’s enamored with the drums of Jaki Liebezeit and Klaus Dinger. Ferrari retains his use of space, letting the track bounce like rubberized smoke rings off of the brain as the bass rattles through the consciousness. Scratched guitar, flute, and hand drums only add to the track’s dizzying urgency. The Golden Pond is out October 28th from Centripetal Force.

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