Upupayāma – “Hopsa-japapé”


While this slipped out digitally earlier in the year, the eponymous album from Upupayāma is now getting a physical release from Cardinal Fuzz and Centripetal Force. With a bonus cut added on, the record is a humid bout of flute-laced psychedelia that should find space next to your Kikagaku Moyo records quite easily. The new addition of “Hopsa-japapé” only sends the listener deeper into the psychedelic wilds that Alessio Ferrari, has crafted. You can read the review of the album here where I discuss Ferrari’s use of invented language, and vision so of firelight rituals, Magma, Gong, and the art of Esmé Shapiro as they relate to the damp wonderland that unfolds on Upupayāma. The new, physical edition is out July 13th, and I’d highly recommend it!

Support the artist. Buy it HERE.

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