TWÏNS – The Human Jazz (album stream)


I’m happy to share the first full listen through the new album from TWÏNS, the alias of songwriter Miro Denck. The record revels in a lounged eclecticism, pulling from psychedelic and spiritual jazz, German progressive, ‘70s pastoral folk, and more recent strains of psych-pop revivalism. Rather than shift between its impulses the record blurs these ideas into a rain-smudged kaleidoscope of sounds. Denck opens with a shag-deep dose of flute before organ-laced psych-pop romp leads the listener into humid waves of incense rocked on rhythm. The record is as much mood setter as earworm engine, breaking up the vocal tracks with several instrumentals that feel more in line Library Music, adding to the album’s compact cinematic soul.

For all the ambition packed into the album, Denck doesn’t linger long. At eight tracks, the record leaves the listener wanting more, but satisfied to loop these on repeat. TWÏNS finds a niche on The Human Jazz, hovering between the ‘60s immersions and inflections of pop acts like Weyes Blood or Drugdealer and the more heady instrumentals of Belbury Poly and John Carroll Kirby. Check out the record below and pick it up on Friday from Earth Libraries.

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