Tuluum Shimmering – “Planet Caravan”

It’s hard not to love the works of Tuluum Shimmering, especially the request series that’s been stretching long simmering favorites into meditative bliss. I’ve long upheld the notion that I could listen to “Planet Caravan” on a loop for about 45 minutes, and found that the 10-minute stretch that Moon Duo did on the track last year was a good start, but here, the Tuluum Shimmering turns in a rather definitive edition of the psychedelic favorite. Whittling away any notion of pop from the song and laying deep into the quivering bog and dry ice drip of the Sabbath classic, Tuluum’s version maintains the mood for the better part of an hour. This is just what the brain needs to unravel the chaos and humidity that have been constant this week. Tuck in and shut down all other senses until this one clicks to a stop. As with all of the series, its a pay as you wish price, but they deserve the tips and more for this one.

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