The Intended


Still mopping up the great untouched leftovers from 2016. It was a crowded field, but that’s no excuse for leaving a good one on the table. The Intended was born out of members from Tyvek and fellow Detroiters Odd Clouds, simmering over years of practice space knockarounds and well-intentioned promises. Captured to four track in a basement space, the record is raw, like a nerve exposed and picked at til its sore. Long past lo-fi’s swan song the band aren’t looking to create an aesthetic, merely finding a means to an end and the end is a record that’s wielding noise cradled garage like perfectly muddied sketchbook rendering. The songs aren’t polished, but they’d be neutered if they were.

The power in The Intended’s arsenal is their dirty, sweat stained charm. The band are pulling this record off like a recovered demo session from the best of the Nuggets generation. Like a Remains session, a Nazz demo or John’s Children practice room cut, they’re finding the nerve of garage as it’s rarely still presented. Sure, there’s a scuzzed up sensibility to many garage bands, but they still don’t feel like you were maybe a fly on the wall for the best take. That’s where Time Will Tell finds its strenth. Each one feels like the band let the listener in on their unguarded moments and everyone won in the process.

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