The Goon Sax – “She Knows”


Great to see The Goon Sax back on a list of upcoming releases. The band leaped out with a stunner of a debut that bundled self-deprecating introspection with bare and honest songwriting. They continue unabated on their first single from We’re Not Talking, thickening the aural pudding just a touch, but retaining the intimacy that made them such stalwarts of the turntable back in 2016. They make a jump to Witchita worldwide and keep things classy on the label that broke ’em at home (Chapter) growing their music to fit their widening view of early adulthood. “She Knows” catapults them from up and comers to serious threats, warbling woe with an insistent hook and an ear to classic South-Hemi jangles from the AUS/NZ music box. Can’t wait to see how this full LP shapes up if this is only the entry point.

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