Teddy and the Rough Riders – “Don’t Say Sorry”


It’s been a good clip since there was some new music from Teddy and the Rough Riders around here, but can’t blame anyone these days, pandemic recording is no joke. The band’s last album was woefully underloved, but it’s a gem that keeps on giving, packed full of melancholy country that dips a great deal into the Parsons/Burritos/First National sound and the latest single “Don’t Say Sorry,” brings more of that amber glow to the speakers. It’s an unhurried, heart-heavy ode to road life and the distance that puts between the players and their loved ones. The band begs no apology for following the road’s pull, but it’s hard not to feel the ache between the bars. The band recorded this, along with another new single at House of Blues with Jake Davis, and have offered up some news of recording a new Rough Riders album along with the band’s Sean Thompson’s solo debut under the Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears name. Eager for those to come to fruition for sure! For now, this one should get you through.

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