Tam Vantage – “Story Time”


Been digging into this album from Aussie songwriter Tam Vantage, aka Tam Matlakowski (Permits, Carpet Burn, Pop Singles). With a tighter reign than some of his other endeavors, Matlakowski turns brooding guitar pop into gold, wielding fuzz-coated riffs like a hammer of ill-fortune. “Story Time” is an insistent entry into the Tam Vantage catalog, taking a two minute run through a glowering pop pummel. Like the bulk of Laughing Gas & Apple Pie, the song has a bit of the ‘90s stuck in its teeth, but Tam doesn’t so much revel in nostalgia as he hearkens back to a disaffected stance that radiates like an aura from the album. The record is out now on Still Traveller Records.

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