Sunfruits – “End of the World”


I’m a bit excited to see that the loose collection of singles that have been coming out of the Sunfruits camp have coalesced into an album. The band releases the third single from their upcoming debut, One Degree, this week. Taking another step away from their psych-pop past, similar to the last single, “End of the World” leans into the band’s sunshine harmonies and propulsive strums. “Made to Loveb” hit the Brian Wilson and Boettcher harmonies a bit heavier, but this one is a dream-streaked tumble down the hill, a sunny stab at apocalyptic collapse. A nice dose of fuzz, stacked harmonies, and a hook that keeps ‘em hummin’ make this a pretty great argument to check out the Aussie band. The band notes that the cut is a companion piece to “Made To Love,” both ruminations on finding light in times of darkness. Sunfruits’ upcoming album arrives April 28th from Third Eye Stimuli and Earth Libraries.

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