Snapped Ankles – “Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin”


First time I heard this one, I had to double check the credits, make sure this wasn’t an old Tubeway Army or Ultravoxx track lost in the sands of the internet. London’s Snapped Ankles pull hard from the school of post-punk machinations that Gary Numan and John Foxx started, almost to an uncanny degree. But hell, if you’re not going to blaze a trail, at least walk it with confidence, right? That, the band does with a cocked robotic smile. The accompanying clip is a barrage of melted images that pair well with the motorik clockwork of the track, overloading every minute with a caffeinated buzz that throbs in the veins and punches the medula oblongata a few times on the way out of the body. This is a nice throwback to the emotionless arch of synth punk’s architect eyebrow.

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