Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears – “Before The Flowers Bloom”


I can’t stress how excited I am for this Sean Thompson record. One of the most fully formed debuts in some time, Sean springboards off of his early EPs for an album that’s steeped in cosmic country, Americana, and even a dash of power pop. He seamlessly works his way between the anchor points creating an album that choogles tenderly towards the horizon. The latest single from the upcoming album is the softer sway of “Before The Flowers Bloom,” a gentle country ramble that’s swathed in pedal steel (from Spencer Cullum Jr.) and some soft meadow melodies. Sean’s close crooned vocals spar with longtime foil Annie Williams who was integral in making his Time Has Grown A Raspberry EP such a delight. Still no official date for the full LP, but with three singles to soak in, there’s plenty to love before that Curation debut drops.

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