RSTB Radio WGXC: May


Another excellent show for RSTB’s monthly series over at WGXC, if I do say so my self. While a few older favorites popped in, for the most part the show was packed with new music. There are so many good albums on the way this year and new singles from Kikagaku Moyo, Wax Machine, Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn, Mapache, Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears, Michael Rault and more graced the show. Plus I pulled out a nice excerpt from the second Taper’s Choice cassette. All in all, not a bad way to spend two hours. You can listen to the archive of the show over at WGXC. Check the tracklist below.


Andrew Tuttle – Correlation /// Glenn Jones – Ruthie’s Farewell /// Ayal Senior – River /// Kikagaku Moyo – Gomugomu /// Wax Machine – Guardians of Eden /// Ivy Wye – Introduction /// Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn – Your Feel /// Martin Courtney – Corncob /// Mapache – Tend Your Garden /// Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears – Before The Flowers Bloom /// Cactus Lee – Perfect Middle Hall /// Cosmic Guilt – Silver & Lead /// Joan Shelley – Amberlit Morning /// Young Guv – Change Your Mind /// Valley of Weights – A Tension Span /// MV&EE with The Golden Road – Speed Queen /// Taper’s Choice – Walkin’ Around /// Kelley Stoltz – Your Name Escapes Me /// The Weather Prophets – Hollow Heart /// Chronophage – Summer To Fall /// The Stroppies – Smilers Strange Politely /// Twerps – Back To You /// R.E. Seraphin – Playing House /// Jeanines – Dead Not Dead /// Michael Rault – Exactly What I Needed /// Ornament – In Her Light /// Ty Segall – Hello, Hi /// Large Plants – No Difference /// Shin Otowa – 京都北白川電亭-朝- (Tram Stop Kitashirakawa In Kyoto – Morning) /// – Les Rallizes Dénudés – 造花の原野 / Wilderness of False Flowers

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