RSTB Radio WGXC: March


The end of February into March saw a bounty of new music coming this way and the month doesn’t look bound to stop anytime soon. Check out the show from 3/10 that includes new cuts from Woods, RVG, The Men, King Tuff, Rose City Band, Terry, Odd Hope, Primo, Doug Tuttle and a whole bunch more RSTB Faves. Couple of old favorites in there and reissue goodness from Los Blops, Happy End and Danny Graham. I know I’m biased, but that’s a pretty good show right there. Stream or download the show over at WGXC.


Los Blops – Los Momentos /// Woods – Where Do You Go When You Dream /// King Tuff – I’m Free /// Rose City Band – Only Lonely /// Happy End – Kakurenbo /// Flat Worms – Market Forces /// Lavender Flu – Barbarian Dust /// The Men – Children All Over The World /// Wayne Rogers – Compliments /// Huevos II – Alright /// The Stroppies – Holes in Everything /// The Tubs – I Don’t Know How It Works /// The Great Divides – Face The World, Again //// RVG – I Used To Love You /// Nude Beach – Love Can’t Wait /// Cool Ghouls – Queen Sophie /// Doug Tuttle – No No No No /// Stephen Malkmus – Xian Man /// Ezrat – Loud Sounds /// Pting – Naps /// Terry – Take The Cellpone /// Odd Hope – All The Things /// Danny Graham – We’ll Make A Deal (In Amsterdam) /// Dragoons – Collateral Damage /// Sunwatchers – Brave Rats – From new Amish Record EP – Brave Rats /// Lithics – Hands – New LP ///Weak Signal – Rolex /// Lewsberg – Cold Light of Day /// Primo! – Best and Fairest /// Mosses – T.V. Sun

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