Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band – “Hands”


Making up for lost time on this one, I’m going to dip back to February when this excellent single from Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band was released. Somehow this Adelaide unit escaped my ear until now, but some member connections to Dom & The Wizards came up recently in this great interview from Doug Wallen in Trouble Juice with Dom Trimboli, mentioning the band as successors to the eclectic country punk sway of Wireheads. While that influence might feel apt on their earlier offering “Industrial Lights” (also a gem) this one digs further into the country impulses that have begun cropping more and more in the Aussie Indies (Quality Used Cars, Family Jordan). Though this cut might find more common ground with their American counterparts tilling the fertile alt-Country soil, feeling like it might fill the gaps between Loose Koozies’ blue collar grind and Teddy & The Rough Riders’ Southern stomp.

The song has a deep grit to it, sitting into a No Depression groove, lacing in fiddle and a pound of barroom piano and I’m hoping that its just the tip of an iceberg of songs waiting to flesh out a future album. The video goofs on big budget spreads with a series of mishaps, giving a bit of levity to the song’s heft. The new single is out now from the band’s Bandcamp and Swirl Records.

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