Rhyton – “End of Ambivalence”


Rhyton rides again and its sounding as sunburned and tangled as ever. The Brooklyn trio includes RSTB fave Dave Shuford (D. Charles Speer, No-Neck Blues Band, Coach Fingers) along with Jimy SeiTang (Psychic Ills, Black Dirt Oak) and Rob Smith (Pigeons) all laying down a gnarled path of guitar that saunters down some of the same lanes that Sir Richard Bishop, Rangda and D. Charles himself have found themselves lost on these past couple of years. There’s a nervy and dangerous quality that lurks just beneath the surface and Rhyton deploy mystique and atmosphere with the same deft quality as they dish out technical prowess. Though the mind is rarely thinking about the complexities of the track when its got as much movement and finesse as “End of Ambivalence.” Just a taste of an album on the way towards the end of the month and from the sounds of it its going to be worth the wait.

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