Podcasts – “Summerland”

Really digging this first single from Oslo’s Podcasts. Following a 2019 AA single, the band announces their debut for perennial RSTB favorite label Prefect Records today. Shifting away from some of the label’s more jangled fare, “Summerland” is a straight alt-pop killer — turning fuzzbox guitars, loping bass, and a cigarette-scratched vocal into the kind of college radio rumbler that would have easily fit on rotation between The Replacements, The Dü and Tupelo. The song tears out of the gate with a bristled anger, but it settles into a cushion of power pop that balances the alt angst with a bittersweet bloom that ties this towards the wave that found Fanclub and Lemonheads churning the previous few years’ anger into something softer. Can’t wait to hear how this one shapes up! The band’s eponymous debut is out August 4th.

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