Painted Shrines – “Gone”


Hard to resist this one, with perennial RSTB faves Jeremy Earl and Glenn Donaldson pairing up for a duo that splits the crux of their current outputs — finding a jangle-pop dipped amalgam of the most pastoral fare that inhabits Woods and the more tightly buttoned ‘90s indie that Glenn’s been mining. Like Felt turning in Byrds covers, the work of Painted Shines hits a lot of pressure points around here. Not surerising that the two would find themselves musically entwined, with Glenn’s releases (Art Museums, Skygreen Leopards) finding a home on Woodsist over the years, and some hits at collaboration on their last couple of records. Glenn finds his way into the credits of Sun & Shade while Jeremy pops up in percussion on Glenn’s last LP You Might Be Happy Someday. Seems the back and forth stuck, and the pair decamped to Glenn’s studio in 2018 to record the songs on Heaven and Holy.

The first single “Gone” is a wistful amble through sunny streets with Earl’s voice lending the song his usual bittersweet textures. The song shares a lot of the same heavy sigh signifiers as Glenn’s last LP, finding the Kiwipop pedigree of The Cean and The Verlaines lingering among their more ‘60s saturated jangles. The full record finds its way out March 5th, on Woodsist, naturally. Gonna want to get this one on the list as soon as possible.

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