Mountain Movers


At this point, Mountain Movers are becoming a New England psych institution, finding their niche between the sun’s core burndowns of Major Stars, the cratered excavations of Sunburned, and the stalwart chug of Dinosaur Jr. Like their contemporaries, they’ve never let a bad moment grace the tape, and now they’ve come hurtling back into view with a new LP, their third for their current home at Trouble in Mind. Locked into place with a hypnotic thrum of rhythm, the band attempts to keep the solar flare guitar excursions of Kryssi Battalene from igniting the studio around her. With the full force of the PSF label burning through her veins and the label’s namesake trio as a lodestone, her guitar work corrodes the copper in the speakers and igniting the senses with a sort of creosote cool.

Like Major Stars, they’ve found a balance between the wrought iron indie that’s long lingered in the Northeast and their more psychedelic impulses, the latter of which only multiply once the band graces the stage. On World What World, there’s a desperation, a mounting madness that’s brought to life in surreal colors and etched permanently through the acetylene guitar treatment. There are moments where strums soak into the soil of their songs, but even as the melancholy downpour threatens, we’re thrust into the kiln to bake in the heat of Mountain Movers’ incineration ache once more. Seems, like all good things this year, the physical is experiencing a bit of a delay, but the digital is here to hollow your head for a while until the needle can get prepped to handle this in full later on in the summer. Might want to give your turntable a pep talk in the mean time to get it ready.

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