Mixtape: We Bleed Love

Its been a few months since the last mixtape and seems about time for another genre dive. This time the recent reissues of Ivytree and Skygreen Leopards material had me nostalgic for some of the very records that started this site over a decade ago. At the time the unfortunate ‘freak folk’ term got thrown around a lot by, well mostly writers who just couldn’t think up a better term. The ensuing resurgence of psychedelic folk and free folk (see that’s better) delved into the CD-r and small press worlds to see several of the home taped community elevated to indies like Jagjaguwar and Drag City, while carving out new ground for Young God, Language of Stone, 5RC, Gnomonsong and Three Lobed. I’ve scooped up an overview of some of my favorite moments from this movement of the early aughts and a prefect primer to the oncoming summer months. Check out the tracklist and listen below.


1. Festival – Fair And True
2. Fire On Fire – Sirocco
3. Asa Irons & Swaan Miller – Whitwill
4. Espers – Riding
5. Six Organs of Admittance – Hazy SF
6. Flying Canyon – Crossing By Your Star
7. Hush Arbors – Broken Bones
8. MV & EE – Get Right Church
9. Skygreen Leopards – Clouds Through Sparrow’s Eyes
10. Fursaxa – Neon Lights
11. Samara Lubelski – Tasting The Candy
12. Larkin Grimm – Pigeon Food
13. Rio En Medio – You Can Stand
14. The Birdtree – Red Midnight Raven
15. Floating Flower – Johsho Kiryu
16. Paavorharju – Tyttö Tanssii
17. Islaja – Sydanten Ahmija
18. Josephine Foster & The Supposed – Worried And Sorry
19. P.G. Six – The End of Winter
20. Vetiver – Farther On
21. Akron/Family – Running, Returning
22. Wooden Wand – Forgiveness Figg (Bethany Hotel Blues)

Download from Zippy.

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