Mixtape: Utopian Canyon


This one’s kind of a mix that I needed personally and its always better to share. Been falling down past rabbit holes and looking for the keepers of the cosmic flame along the way. While the site was pretty heavily split between psych-folk and noise-blasted garage through this time period (roughly 2006-2012) there have always been those that have kept the jam-laced choogle torch held high. I went looking for a few through lines that stave off the desperation of January (among other things of late) and this mix seems to do the trick. Most, if not all, of these bands have been Raven staples for years forming a lot of the bedrock that built the site. Enjoy!

1.Darker My Love – Backseat
2Vetiver – Blue Driver
3.The Cave Singers – Haystacks
4. The Donkeys – Walk Through A Cloud
5. Blitzen Trapper – Stolen Shoes & A Rifle
6. Beachwood Sparks – Tarnished Gold
7. Oakley Hall – Adalina Roselma Lapage
8. Curtis Harvey – Borrowed Times
9. Hans Chew – Forever Again
10. The Moondoggies – Ain’t No Lord
11. P.G. Six – Bless These Blues
12. Howlin’ Rain – Roll On Rusted Days
13. Citay – Dream Get Together
14. Akron/Family – Ed Is A Portal
15. Woods – Is It Honest
16. Dead Meadow – Keep On Walking
17. Wooden Wand & The Briarwood Virgins – Big Mouth USA
18. The Gris Gris – Down With Jesus

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