Mixtape: Midsummer Daydream – A Sun-Soaked ’70s Crop of Cosmic Americana


A few years back I did a mix of Cosmic American music, a collection of country-tinged, sun-soaked songs from ’69 and beyond designed to feel the vibes slow down to a simmer for the end of summer. It seems about time to update that feeling, and as we roll into the heat of 2021 this ought to feel just right on the porches, decks and campsites over the next few months. The last mix set the groundwork for outsider country vibes and post-Dead hangovers and this one picks up just where that left off. There might be a bit more dust on the boots here, but there’s no lack of sunshine in the hair of the bands on the mix. While its mostly an American bunch form the early-mid ‘70s there are a few UK exports in there who seem to get the vibe as well. I challenge you not to relax a bit while this is on the speakers.

1. The Farm Band – The Lord’s Work
2. Cowboy – Hey There Babe
3. Sand – She
4. Help Yourself – Your Eyes Are Looking Down
5. Denny Doherty – Still Can’t Hear The Music
6. Edgar Broughton Band – Piece of My Own
7. Euphoria – Stone River Hill Song
8. Gene Clark & Doug Dillard – Don’t Come Rollin’
9. Cottonwood – Passing Through
10. Taos – Think I’ll Wait
11. Spruce – Memsha
12. Kaleidoscope – Lie To Me
13. Trilogy – Red Wine
14. John Drendall & B.A. Thrower – Get Too Heavy
15. Widsith – Rust In The Rain
16. The Beau Brummels – Turn Around
17. Ernie Graham – Don’t Want Me Round You
18. Mike Nesmith – American Airman
19. Country Weather – The Boy Without A Home

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