Mixtape: Goin’ West


Been a while since there was a mixtape up, but these things take time and tenderness. For the latest mixtape I’m taking some inspiration from 2018’s slide towards Cosmic Americana. With albums from One Eleven Heavy, Garcia People, Howlin’ Rain, New Parents and Wet Tuna leading the charge back towards ’71-’72 I though it might be in order to round up some of those West Coast sounds that hit on resonant frequencies to the new crop of smooth players. While most, if not all, have already pledged allegiance to their own favorite boots of The Dead and there’s a communal love for Royal Trux, Little Feat, Crazy Horse and Levon Helm, I thought I’d scoop up some outer-stream suggestions to fit the bill. Ok, sure, I’m cheating a bit with the Flying Burrito inclusion, but despite a wealth of praise from any outlet that would let you listen, that one’s just a great song that fits the vibe.

Travel further down this roadmap of country-tinged, sun-soaked songs from ’69 on and feel the vibes slow down to a simmer for the end of summer. It’s not all West Coast -The Wizards from Kansas were actually from Kansas, Mountain Bus were from Chicago despite longing for the country – but each of these hits on that cosmic view of American psych that cropped up along the coast. It all winds down with one of the germs of the sound, The Charlatans’ “Alabama Bound,” a song that’s often been noted as being the proto-“Playing In The Band.” Artwork inspired by so many Grateful Dead bootlegs. Click below for tracklist and stream.

1. Relatively Clean Rivers – Hello Sunshine
2. Curt Newbury – Christ, How Easy It Could Be
3. Michelangelo – West
4. Country Funk – Apart of Me
5. Fat – Shape I’m In
6. Sitting Bull – Hopeless Love
7. The Wizards from Kansas – Country Dawn
8. Mountain Bus – Sing A New Song
9. Turnquist Remedy – We Don’t Even Know
10. Timbercreek – Nobody on The Streets
11. Mighty Baby – Keep On Juggin’
12. Circus – Let Me Tell You
13. The Flying Burrito Brothers – If You Gotta Go
14. Moby Grape – Beautiful Is Beautiful
15. KAK – Lemonaide Kid
16. The Charlatans – Alabama Bound

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