Mixtape: Feral Children of the Canyon


This is starting to become a bit of a yearly tradition and as long as the constant stream of excellent Cosmic Country, Americana, and Alt-Country keeps steady then I’ll keep doing the series. This year has a few familiar names that have shown up in the mixes before — Pearl Charles, Loose Koozies, Teddy and the Rough Riders — but overall there are quite a large crop new faces in the bunch. The temps may have turned cold and the weather dreary, but that’s no reason not to dream of summer nights with a batch of country stunners on the speakers. The full tracklist is below. Enjoy!

1. Cactus Lee – Slowly By
2. Doug Paisley – Say What You Like
3. Teddy and the Rough Riders – Leaving Forever Again
4. The Hanging Stars – Ballad of Whatever May Be
5. Glyders – Wrong Sometimes Right
6. Emily Rose and the Rounders – Dallas
7. Honey Harper – Broken Token
8. Nathan Ma – She’s Wild
9. Julianna Riolino – Why Do I Miss You
10. Kassi Valazza – Early Morning Rising
11. Pearl Charles – Deja Vu
12. Erin Rae – True Love’s Face
13. Loose Koozies – I Won’t Be Leaving Here (Unless It’s With You)
14. Dougie Poole – The Rainbow Wheel of Death
15. Sean Thompson – New Trailway Boogie
16. Mountain Brews – Mountain Brews
17. Cosmic Guilt – Silver & Lead
18. The Kernal – Green, Green Sky
19. Color Green – Ain’t It Sad
20. Tim Hill – Calico
21. Russell Hoke – It’s Not Too Much To Ask
22. Tobias Berblinger – Crawl Back To You

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