Mick Trouble – “A Wasted Light”


Jed Smith is out here doing double duty for 2022. With a Jeanines album already on the way, his solo outing as Mick Trouble lines up a volley into the jangle-pop party as well. The band’s debut was a low-key killer that seemingly came out of nowhere, a packed record that was built on shaggy n’ shambolic indie pop. The follow-up jumps right back into form, picking up with the debt left off. “Wasted Light” is glazed with debris from Television Personalities, Cleaners From Venus, and early Biff Bang Pow! The guitars chime so hard they glint off of the sun while a snaking bass groove moves this one though the dance centers of the body. The first Mick Trouble seemed like instant collector’s fodder, I’m hoping that the follow-up will push past the indie pop heads and into a wider embrace because this is just too good not to share with everyone. The record is out April 1st from Emotional Response.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE or HERE (UK Rough Trade Exclusive).

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