Michael Rault – “Right On Time”


Nothing but earworms on this new Michael Rault, and his latest single, “Right On Time,” only serves to prove the point. The song sways a bit more psychedelic that the rest of the album, a quality that may have bled over from its origins pre-New Day Tonight. While the song may have evolved out of an earlier demo from his last album, once it’s glossed to perfection and laced in next to the rest of his eponymous new LP, the song sits nicely next to the slippery grooves that permeate the bunch. Rault accompanies the song with a dayglo desert wanderer vid that picks up on the sun n’ starlight vibes of the song. This one’s lying high on the anticipated list for 2022, and “Right On Time” makes a nice case for exactly why that is. Drop into this one. The new LP is out June 10th on Wick Records.

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