Michael Rault – “Exactly What I Needed”


Following nicely on his absolute gem on Wick, It’s a New Day Tonight, from 2018, Michael Rault is leaving a trail of essential new singles in his run up to an eponymous new LP. The string-laden swooner “Exactly What I Needed,” is the latest to slip out of the speakers and it’s swaddled snug in the arms of the ‘70s, bearing marks of Rundgren, Harrison, and Nilsson letting their excesses run wild in the studio. But no matter how much he let the Ampex fill full of ideas, the end result comes out dipped in a brilliant glint of sunlight sparkle. There’s a dearth of opulent pop like Rault is reveling in these days and its nice to see someone taking up the mantle and indulging in a studio as instrument mentality. Though there’s always going to be a whiff of the ‘70s about songs like these, at his core, Rault is creating timeless songs that are pinned to emotional openness. The new record is out June 10th from Wick.

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