Massage – “Michael Is My Girlfriend”


Been a busy day around here, but there’s always time to squeeze in a post on new music from L.A.’s Massage. The band’s album 2018 album on Tear Jerk was a wistful, jangle-jolted affair that should have caught twice as many ears. They follow it up with the sprightly “Michael Is My Girlfriend,” a summer-sweet dose of indie-pop that’s got threads of Brighter, The Field Mice, and Another Sunny Day woven between those pastel-hued strums. The vocal harmonies sigh, the drums crackle with an effervescent snap and the hook gets lodged in your head for all time. With production by Jed Smith of The Jeanies/My Teenage Stride, the single precedes some news about a new LP coming later on in the year. Good news all around!

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