Martin Frawley – “This Is Gonna Change Your Mind”


I was out of commission on Friday, but as the world kept churning out excellent music, the South Hemi let slip another excellent single. RSTB fave and former Twerps songwriter Martin Frawley makes a jump from Merge to Trouble In Mind for his latest record, co-releasing home-side with Spunk. The new single is actually a holdover from the very end of Twerps, a track meant to try to keep the band together, but in the end winding up a song about their demise, rather than their resurrection. Jangled and gentle, the track captures a bit of the magic still left in their coffers, while also feeling right at home with the confessional odes and day-drinkers that marked Matin’s last album. The new record, is out June 23rd.

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