Marlene Ribeiro – “You Do It”


A hypnotic new solo record surfaces this week from Marlene Ribeiro (GNOD). The songwriter has collaborated in the past with Thurston Moore and Valentina Magaletti, but Toquei no Sol stands as something removed from her previous works entirely. The record incorporates a sense of place — recorded in her garden in Ireland and her grandmother’s kitchen in Portugal among other sense specific locations. The first glimpse into the album is the aural cocoon of “You Do It.” The song envelops the listener, with a constant clattering around the peripheral space and Ribeiro’s vocals pulsing like chanted mantras. The song is accompanied by a cut n’ paste video from the label’s John O’Carroll, a film-grained framing for the song’s meditative air. The album is out February 10th from Rocket Recordings.

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