Luxor Rentals – “A Hallway”


Caught these guys a few weeks back on a stacked bill with Mountain Movers and Wet Tuna at Belltower Records in North Adams. The band rounds up a nice cross-section of Pioneer Valley players including mems of Gold Dust and Sore Eros, skewing from loose-knit jams to more gutted and gritted pop material. The band had a rough, but interesting tape on hand, a practice space precursor to some more tacked down tracks on the way in the form an EP and debut LP. The works on Burn Yr Trash range from seething jams, stretching towards the 8 and 9-minute mark, a Godz cover, and some gems like “A Hallway.” The latter has got some college rock reflexes poking out from under the haze that I hope comes through in their studio works. The tape’s up on their Bandcamp now, and keep an eye on that space for more to come.

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