Los Tones


Syndney four-piece Los Tones lay down a twang-slung vision of garage rock as filtered through the ghosts of The Blues Magoos, The Electric Prunes and The Monks, but hewing closest to the cracked world view of The Seeds. On a more contemporary note they share common ground with Night Beats and fellow Aussies The Murlochs but that’s all just to get you in the right longitude of where the band is coming from. They’re running the fuzz high and hectic, and binging on surf vibes sanded into a rough-cut leather lacquer. Every track on What Happened feels like it would benefit handily from a psychedelic oil light show and at least a pint of Wild Turkey and best of all, the band feels like they’re having a hell of a good time.

It goes without saying these days that garage swagger has seen generation after generation embrace the twin tone irreverence of a sneer and a throaty howl, but that’s not to say that it can’t still hit just as hard. You’ve been down these roads before but that’s discounting how much fun is to be had with Los Tones on the speakers and tomorrow’s consequences far out of mind. I will always have a soft spot for the kind of garage record that keeps a glint of mischief in it’s eye. So, that said, feel free to crawl into last night ‘s clothes and grab Zombie (in requisite Tiki cup) and get things up to full torque for this album. Los Tones seem like they’re more interested in keeping the vibes toasted than worrying if you feel like it’s all been done before. It’s being done right and that’s all that matters.

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