Lee Noble

Like Grouper, Lee Noble resides in a world of shadows and fog, whispered secrets and floating harmonics that are enveloped by the surrounding environs. His latest tape is a continuation of his synth exorcisms, dragging the spirit world for lost transmissions that ferret out the weight of the world on the soul. His pieces aren’t set up for movement, slow and steady, they build as environmental cues – with a focus on imperfections in texture, hues of grey that pock mark floors and walls and a steady rise in atmospheric humidity. It’s as if all of a sudden you’re in Noble’s world and the decay has become a home you can’t leave, or simply lose the resolve to escape.

The beginning of the album works its way through a hazy pre-dawn light, peppered with the kind of low hums that bring to mind mechanical idling. But Noble stacks on emotional swells and, as the album progresses, vocals give the album a heartbreaking quality of faded yearning that feels tied to the degraded universe of Leyland Kirby. The Hell of You Come in erects a farmhouse, empty and full of lonesome ghosts pulling at your every emotion, before letting the whole thing sink into the Earth with a final spectral wail. There are a lot of ways to run ambient and Noble has carved out his own indefinable niche in the sound – one that’s ineffably sad, but packs a hold that won’t soon let go.

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