Keven Louis Lareau – “Not All Songs Have Been Sung”


This gem of a track dropped out of nowhere over the weekend from Keven Louis Lareau (Cut Worms, Hand Habits) and its winding down the Cosmic Americana, denim-dredged country that’s been prevalent over the past few years quite nicely. Cultivating a New Riders / Burritos aura (with some strong Workingman’s/Beauty overtones as well), the song ambles slow into the oncoming dusk, basking nicely in its own radiant glow. The butterscotch harmonies draw the listener in and the light sheen of twang and cool-water ripple of acoustic strings make it easy to stay. No word if this is just a stand-alone single of the beginning of a full album, but either way this one’s going to keep itself glued to my speakers for some time, with a note to keep tabs on Lareau in the future.

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