Kelley Stoltz – “We Grew So Far Apart”


For the next single off of Kelley Stoltz’ upcoming LP, The Stylist, the songwriter returns to the taut shake and dry ice dance of his ‘80s influences. An elastic bass quiver bounces the mirrored shimmer of guitars and tumble of drums back at the listener in waves. The song has a kind of oval orbit to it, swinging in close and then hurtling the listener into freefall — pulling them in only to smack them back into the fray. The scratch of guitar at the beginning rides the crest through the song, a riff that’s somewhere between new wave and BritPop, but committing to neither without a smirk in both directions. Check out the video for “We Grew So Far Apart” above and look for The Stylist June 10th on Agitated Records.

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