Jeffrey Silverstein

Following last year’s acclaimed album Western Sky Music, Jeffrey Silverstein returns to the EP format for his third short collection, Roseway. The LP found Silverstein progressing his sound, weaving ambient country’s caress into a silken thread that tied up his Bruce Langhorne hues with a propulsive spirit and gravel-throated gravitas. Roseway works as a perfect addendum to the last record, but it also speaks to Silverstein’s prowess with the self-imposed boundaries of the EP. His third in a series, the EPs have served as transitionary stages for his work and this EP finds Silverstein pushing himself on both poles of his sagebrush saunter.

The palette remains split between instrumentals and vocal screeds, and he’s still a heavy hand with the former. Falling in heady company with Bobby Lee and Spencer Cullum, Silverstein has become one of the foremost merchants of motorik country. The band has screwed down their sound, and the balance of taut rhythms with breeze-blown guitar and steel comes through perfectly on Roseway. The vocal pieces, on the other hand, refine his repertoire of restraint. Silverstein dialed in the “narrator-at-the-end-of-the-bar vibes on Western Sky Music, but here he’s a spot-on Sam Elliot with a telecaster and a cautionary tale. The brew comes to a boil on Roseway and it positions Jeffrey in full command of his sound with eyes on the horizon.

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