Berlin’s Jawbones carry on a tradition of high stacked space rock that skates through the pounding corridors of Krautrock and fuels itself on psychedelic fumes. Though they admittedly take inspiration from their ’60s forbears, they are much more aligned with the school of psychedelics that came up in the late ’90s and early ’00s. High and Low and Low and High brings to mind shades of The Warlocks, Spiritualized, Darker My Love, Brian Jonestown Massacre or The Black Angels. Drenched in a thick shade of smoke and anchored by feedback, the album thrives on textures as much as it does on hooks, vacillating between thunderous hammer headed Goliaths and vapor-cooled slow burners.

The Brian Jonestown connection goes deeper than sound here though. The record is being released as as joint venture between 8mm and Anton Newcome’s own A Records and driving force Leonard Kaage has played with BJM in the past. Kaage doesn’t quite have Newcome’s voracious capacity for hooks, but it’s clear that the two have been operating somewhere along the same wavelength, tapping into high levels of stratospheric froth. Overall a pretty solid entry into the canon of spaced travelers, though I’d have perhaps rethought the oddly out of place “Music For A Car Chase.” The rest will feel pretty familiar to those who’ve enjoyed the aughts’ psych waves, looking to add a little elevation to their day.

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