Izzy Johnson – “Seeing”


A lovely single to eke your way into Izzy Johnson’s upcoming album Earth Tones. The Michigan songwriter’s delicate, calming folk-pop drifts into view on a ripple of guitar, fog-wrapped vocals and an enticing thread of flute. The plaintive “Seeing” cradles the listener, softening the blow of the constant mental and physical turmoil that seems to go hand in hand with the 2020’s. That cushioning seems built into the bones of the album as Johnson focused on soothing tones as a sort of self-therapy to help deal with they’re own physical struggle with Crohn’s disease. A soft layer of hum provides just one more reason to lock onto the full-body sigh of “Seeing,” perching the track between bedroom pop and the kind of nature-soaked folk that’s made something like Heron’s eponymous record such an evergreen joy. The new record arrives July 2nd from Driftless Recordings.

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