HoT To RoT – “Kindred”


Bless the crew at Hysterical Records, they have their fingers on the pulse of the Australian underground’s greatest feminist punk and each new release is a goddamn treasure. Case in point: the new single from Melbourne’s HoT To RoT is lacerating through every moment of its four minute pound. Built on a bedrock of paper shredder guitars, elastic bass and sore-throated vocals, the track is catharsis incarnate, swinging wild and looking to connected with friend or foe with equal regard. Like their contemporaries in Cable Ties, they know their way around the building blocks of punk, but the genius is in the execution, not the inspiration. To that measure the band has tapped the frustration of more than one generation and funneled disappointment into a deluge, crushing anyone in their path with a sonic hammer.

The track comes ahead of their upcoming EP for the young Aussie label and if this first taste is any indication, this one’s gonna be a crusher.

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