Good Morning – “For A Little While”


Aussie duo Good Morning have been steadily teasing the pieces of their upcoming LP for Bedroom Suck – a short but shambolic run of tracks that speaks well to the reputation they received in the wake of their domestically celebrated EPs. One of the best peeks behind the curtain on the new album is “For A Little While.’ The song ambles along with a smoke ring saunter before blossoming forth into the rainy day cool of Glenn Blair’s sax stabs. The cut is unhurried, a feeling that hangs over most of Good Morning’s work, but more so it’s oddly lush and comfortable. That quality’s hard won in a song largely built on skittering drums, tape hiss and piano, but there’s something enticing about their execution. The song’s got a hungover haze that sucks the listener into the couch like quicksand. The hiss coupled with the detached delivery give the song a narcotic effect that lends itself well to multiple listens. While Good Morning’s sound isn’t all in this pocket, “For A Little While” sands as a prime cut from their growing catalog.

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