Golden Brown – “Ghosts”

After releasing one of my favorites from last year, Colorado’s Golden Brown is back with a new album out soon on Inner Islands. The songs here dive further into his poles of cosmic and pastoral. The communion with nature deepens on Stefan Beck’s new cassettte, a feeling of dissolving the ego to float among the molecules and commune a little consciousness with the natural world. On “Ghosts” the limitations imposed on this album yield stunning results. The album ditches the synths, cello, and electronics that played a part in Gems and Minerals and lets only guitars have the voice, but this is far from the solo picker album that might imply. On “Ghosts” a Harmony cast aluminum lap steel from 1936 lays a mournful tone on the song, ambling awestruck under the canopy of stars with the soft burble of streams cradling it in calm. It’s the kind of soft reset we all need this week. Two tracks are out now and both give great reason why this should be on your list for 2022. The new record, Luminous, is out April 8th, from Inner Islands.

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