Goat – “Fill My Mouth”


A brand new track from Goat finds its way out through the channels today, coming off of an upcoming compilation of b-sides, bonus tracks, and non-album singles. The comp caps itself with two new tracks as well, the previously released “Queen of the Underground” and the psych explosion of “Fill My Mouth.” The latter scrapes the brain stem of the beast, culling together all the elements that make Goat fun and letting them run wild over three minutes of funk beats, jazz flute, fuzz-eaten guitars, and psychsploitation vocals. The cut comes laced with a video from one of Rocket’s in-house design denizens, the great John O’Carroll who lets this one invade the brain like Terry Gilliam overdosing on Barney Bubbles. Its a visual feast that fits the roiling cut behind it. The new collection Headsoup is out August 27th.

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