Garcia Peoples – “Show Your Troubles Out”


2018 is proving to be something of a renaissance for the typically shunted “jam band.” The term inspires revulsion in so many, but to those with crisper memories of prime-era Dead shows there exists a pang for a higher level of improvisation than wading into the bottom rung puca necked garden variety jammers that clog up college campuses. To that effect, there are quite a few records that nail the good and scrap the bad connotations associated with the term (see One Eleven Heavy, Wet Tuna, Weeping Bong Band, and the return of Howlin’ Rain). Add NJ youngbloods Garcia Peoples to that roster. The band might not have the age range to have had firsthand experiences with the parking lot set but they’re clearly versed in the wealth of prime live boots that float around the internet and given the ability to hear the best of the best they may well have used them as a primer and style guide to the cosmic float.

The band has recently added P.G. Six on keys, who gives a further seal of approval (and enters into a contest with himself for excellent psych jammer of the year with his work in Wet Tuna). What works best about Garcia Peoples is that they feel unrestrained by the walls of the studio on their debut and that shines through on “Show Your Troubles Out,” a track deeply indebted to the groove and stretching out for the highline haze with each starburst jut of guitar that slaloms through the cut. Of course, this one has to have longer legs on stage, but it’s a damn fine argument for Garcia Peoples upcoming stunner on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

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