Garcia Peoples – “Cold Dice > Tough Freaks > Stray Cats”


Somehow its no surprise that the announcement of a new Garcia Peoples record comes via a trio of tied tracks. The band’s ethos is built on the stage and it’s hard not to imagine that each new record is put together > to be played > as it fits into the flow of the set. Those continuation marks are always in mind as both the goal and Gaia of their songwriting prowess and with good reason. With the last record the band began to work away from the slippery riffs of their early records and into a prog-scented territory that found them imbuing the album with Agitation Free and Düül shading. With Matt Sweeney behind the boards (and occasionally sitting in) for the latest, there’s still some knuckled toughness to the album, but they’ve also returned to the crystal water cool and endless afternoon ambitions of their early BBiB releases. They’re making good on the slight flecks of the greater ‘70s jam-sphere that curled into their sophomore LP, finally peeling the paper off of their copies of Mountain Bus, Mighty Baby, and Help Yourself properly and letting the new songs soak in their particular shade of purpled sunshine. Speaking of Beyond Beyond is Beyond, since the label retired last year after a spotless run of recordings, the band’s found a new home with their often-times tour mate Chris Forsyth over at No Quarter, a fitting home if there ever was one. Dodging Dues lands on shelves January 14th. High atop the most anticipated list, as one might expect.

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