Futuropaco – La Torre Cade”


Between Maston’s album last year and the double globed grandeur coming from Ghost Box of late (The Advisory Circle, Belbury Circle) it’s a good time for fans of the next wave of library music. Pack in that book from Anthology Recordings and we’ve got a full-on stock music uprising on our hands here. El Paraiso gets in on the fun with a debut offering from Futuropaco, the alias of Justin Pinkerton, longtime drummer for Golden Void. On “La Torre Cade” he handles far more than the sticks though, anchoring his song to a sense of rhythm rooted in the Germans but pushing through Italo horror that winks at Goblin and a psychedelic excess that feels right at home with Jean Rollin.

That excess is what makes this spark, not to mention stands Pinkerton out from some of his more synth-enamored contemporaries. A tumble of rhythms gives way to ferocious fuzz, wah-infected guitars and grandiose organ runs. The song teeters into the fray, picking up the mad glint of auteurs who were fleshing out their cinematic bloodbaths with equally ambitious accompaniment. With this only serving as a piece of the puzzle it’ll be interesting to see the kind of landscape that Pinkerton has etched out in the full album. Get this on your list.

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