Frankie and the Witch Fingers – “Electricide b/w Chalice”


Two all new doses of mind scrape madness hurtle out of the Witch Fingers’ universe as the band embarks on an Aussie tour. With wafts of a new album on the way, the band is churnin’ the chum that fed their last single, the street grease slathered, “Cookin’ b/w Tracksuit.” This time around the pace is even more sweaty and saturated, slipping away from the psychedelic spigot they’d been siphoning and pounding through a harder, heavier thrash that feels born out of their frantic live shows. “Electricide” barely stops to take a breath, tumbling through its paces on the strength of hurricane force riffs. On the flip, “Chalice” turns down the heat just a touch, letting a funk/twang creep into the tumult, but it matches the A-side’s scorch in the end. Let this one tide you over until the band lets loose another full length stomper in the near future.

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