Folk Spectre – “Design”

Got a nice ease into the morning from RSTB Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, GHQ, The Vanishing Voice). Much like the tessalations of Steven R. Smith’s Ulaan operations, Pete’s long been operating under a cadre of Spectre related tributaries, with Spectre Folk culling together a larger band around the name. Today he announces a new entry into the solo jaunt as Folk Spectre, with “Design” acting as the opener on his upcoming album Mountain Trasmission. Creeping through the psych-folk shadows, the track wafts in on vapors, slow and patient. Nolan’s vocals leer over measured strums, synth ache and a faint whisper of xylophone on the wind. It’s a haunting track that’s perfect for the isolation of these colder months. The new record arrives April First from Arbitrary Signs.

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