Flesh World – “Into The Shroud”


SF group Flesh World share another piece of their upcoming album, Into The Shroud, giving the title track a lo-budget clip that belies the track’s driving sheen. The song vacillates between the brittle, anxious verses and the exuberant chorus that breaks free of the tendrils of tension the band lays down throughout. It’s a tough knife edge to walk, but its clear that they’ve come quite a ways since their debut.

It’s fitting that they’ve landed on Dark Entries for this LP, a label more associated with obscure post-punk and synthwave reissues than with new acts. The band feels like they exist in a world of lost maxi-singles found at the flea market on a stroke of blind luck, but packed with the kind of electricity that causes a two year binge to find the band’s roots. Their sophomore LP looks to kick any hint of a slump to the side and act as their springboard to wider appreciation.

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