EZTV & Nic Hessler – “Buy This Record”


While I can always use any reason to love a good power pop cover, combining one of RSTB’s favorites from the present (EZTV) and the past (Milk ‘n Cookies) pretty much tops the list. For those who aren’t versed, Milk ‘n Cookies were probably one of the softest punches that power pop ever pulled and their dreamy-eyed debut is a classic in its own right that’s now getting yet another life from the folks at Captured Tracks. Well technically they gave it a new life a few years back on the sorely missed Radio Heartbeat imprint, but same owners different name on the delivery here. The CT issue is expanded with some extras but what you need is the main course anyhow and its a record that should be in all hands, not just us power pop nerds.

Anyohow, in honor of that release, and probably to shine a bigger light on its necessity, Captured Tracks is also issuing a Record Store Day single of labelmates EZTV and Nic Hessler covering the band’s shoulda-been-classic “Buy This Record”. Personally I’d have gone for a cover of “Typically Teenage” but any Milk ‘n Cookies is good Milk n’ Cookies and the pair up works well to capture the track’s fizzy fun. Can’t pick the single up until the insanity of RSD but you can grab the Milk ‘n Cookies box now, and you should if you know what’s good for you.

Support (the original) artist. Buy it HERE.

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