Eight Point Star – “Weeping Cherry Cry”


With the revival from The Black Twig Pickers already on the shelves for 2021 it would seem that Mike Gangloff and Isak Howell have already paid their debt for excellence this year. They’ve got more in store it appears and the debut from long simmering Eight Point Star is set to be released from VHF in July. With one hold into their roots of Pelt, Black Twigs, and Spiral Joy Band and another reaching through the Swedish/German psychedelic ‘70s, the album bends bluegrass, folk, and psych through catacombs of sound. Along with Mike and Isak, Matt Peyton and Tim Thornton join the ranks, and the four set out to darken the furrows of folk. The album closer “Weeping Cherry Cry” takes a tangent from the rest of the album, digging its teeth further into the psychedelia that’s bubbling underneath the album. Peyton’s guitars come on like a thunderstorm cresting the hillside while the fiddle buzzes with an urgency to seek shelter. The debut is out July 30th from VHF, and I’d highly recommend getting into it.

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