Might as well roll on with some great Aussie indie this week and the debut from Delivery is one of the best out of the South Hemi this year. The band has locked down some early gems in short-format fashion over the past couple of years and they live up to those expectations on their debut, Forever Giving Handshakes. The Melbourne set skirt the edges of synth-punk, but a harder brand of brood pulls them away from the the horn-rimmed hangar. There’s a winking humor, but when it comes down to riffs the band knows how to kick a bit of grit into the sound. The Aussie punk garden seems stuffed full of band’s digging in the same dirt — Smarts, Ausmuteants, and School Damage, among others and Delivery seem to slide onto the shelf right next to them.

The band’s ability to balance their harder heroes with the itchier side of the spectrum (Yummy Fur, The Intelligence, Huggy Bear) winds up their greatest strength. The songs bristle and bend, but ultimately they also get under the skin. Above the clamor of synths and the crunch of strings, the shout-along vox dip into anxieties both youthful and evergreen anxieties, broken promises, systemic inequality, and social norms. Between the blast of amps and the crash of fuzz the band sorts out sneers and shouts with a M/F volley of vox that swings from saccharine to sour with an unbridled glee. Oftentimes its hard for bands to best the buzz that follows them when a few singles catch hold, but its clear that Delivery held onto some of their best for the long player. With the thunder of Forever Giving Handshakes, they aim to stick around and let their punk fester for a while.

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